ALCHIMISTE: was born out of the desire to create a wardrobe of those "perfect pieces" that women are infinitely searching for.

Envisioned and alchemised by Ondine Daisy Purinton-Miller: she had perpetually collected a wardrobe of vintage garments, that were timeless and one-of-a-kind.

Inspired by those impossibly hard to find vintage pieces, ALCHIMISTE: is reworked and transmuted to create a modern wardrobe that transcends time and moreover, lasts the tests of time. A capsule wardrobe to travel to the ends of the earth with you.

The ALCHIMISTE woman is limitless, expanded, passionate, fiery, sensitive, strong, complex, radiant, capable and conscious.

How you alchemise your existence, is up to you.


ALCHIMISTE: is committed to integrity and transparency. Each garment is crafted in Sydney by a small team, utilising 85% deadstock fabrics and environmentally conscious product development where possible. 

The nature of deadstock fabrics is exclusivity; each blouse is a special gem for you to cherish, live in, love in, pass down and alchemise in.