ETHER Blouse | Fleur
ETHER Blouse | Fleur
ETHER Blouse | Fleur

ETHER Blouse | Fleur

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Coincidentally, ETHER is the most subtle of all the elements and also the most subtle of all ALCHIMISTE: pieces.

ETHER it is recognised as the light-filled, luminous energy that makes up heavenly bodies and the space all around us. It is the subtle, all-consuming space in between everything.

On a human level, our etheric body is the energetic field that is intrinsically connected to our physical body, the vibrating web of energy that conducts energy from our root chakra, activating kundalini and channeling qi through our meridians.

BUT, this is a top.

Whilst we can't promise immediate kundalini awakenings, put this baby on with conscious recognition of the divinity in yourself and everything around you.

This heavenly, cotton liberty floral will have you floating consciously, transcending all the realms.

The epitome of blouse-y, complete with an elasticised waist, ties through the neck and arms, it can be worn as done up or as undone as your heart desires.

Made from a remnant roll, this is a limited run.
Due to the delicate nature of these fabrics please treat with care.
AUS 6-8 10 12
USA 4 6 8
UK 6-8 10 12
EU 36 38 40